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The Future of

Authentication Systems


To authenticate legal-aged patrons in real time, Dispension developed ID.ME.PLS.

ID.ME.PLS can validate government issued ID-1 identity documents from 11,000+ jurisdictions worldwide.

Further to document authentication, our software verifies the age of the patron, and the expiry date of the document, then compares their at-kiosk identity with the document ID.ME.PLS ensures 100% verified, legal-aged access.


Vascular biometrics verify a registered users’ identity via a scan of their palm by a near-infrared light sensor. This technology is highly secure because it uses information contained within the body and is also highly accurate because the vein pattern in the palm is complex and unique to each individual.

Furthermore, it’s contactless, which gives it a hygienic advantage over other biometric authentication technologies. A new customer wanting to gain access to the kiosks would be required to complete a one-time registration consultation (sign up) at on kiosk with a staff representative.

Dispension ERP

Dispension has developed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Dispension ERP is another critical piece of our technology stack.

The Dispension ERP software serves as the central interface of our system. The dashboard is the main display that customers see and engage with, and it contains critical information that is updated in real time.

Dispension ERP enhances our monitoring capabilities, and allows for in-depth analytics and data visualizations on performance. The dashboard provides easily digestible data on the current status of kiosks, users, purchasing trends, transactions, inventory levels and alerts.


Best-practices in stadiums/large venues require that canned beverages be opened prior to being served.  

Dispension’s SmartServ kiosks are equipped with an automated can-opening device that locates the tab of the can, and opens it with a mechanical finger prior to vending to the customer.  

OpnServ allows you to be compliant with best-practices at unattended points of sale.

Intoxivision™ (2024)

Dispension has invented a contactless intoxication detection system.

Intoxivision is a revolutionary technology that captures and analyzes thermal images of the face to determine a person’s level of alcohol impairment.  

Intoxivision will allow Dispension’s SmartServ system to refuse service to an overly-intoxicated customer, without the need for a breathalyzer.

There are many additional use cases for the technology such as law enforcement, road safety, job-site screening, fleet vehicles and bars/restaurants.

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