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DispenSafePick Up Locker XLPick Up Locker Mini

Secure Permissioned User Access

A secure platform to accurately identify registered users and safely distribute products on customized schedules.

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Empowering leaders in health and harm reduction

Infrared palm scan to ensure safe, secure access by registered users.

Our infrared palm vein scanner is a low-barrier solution, ideal for identifying and providing access to  registered patient/participant groups.

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We support a wide range of restricted product types

Our technology provides you with secure, controlled release of a wide-range of harm reduction products, such as prescription medications, naloxone or harm reduction supplies.

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Provide secure 24 hour access 365 days a year

Our products are designed to withstand the harshest environments and can include features such as explosion-proof screens, secure access controls, e-911 compatibility, or weatherization for outdoor use.

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Real-time reporting and data analytics

Our secure online ERP dashboard provides program administrators with real-time oversight and maximum control over your program and participant pick ups.

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How it works






Wide range of solutions


Services up to 48 unique users or SKUs with up to three weeks of inventory between reloading. Functions as a vending style kiosk.
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Pick Up Locker XL

Ideal for larger products or orders.  Standard configuration of 30 lockers per unit.  Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
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Pick Up Locker Mini

22 lockers in a small footprint. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Equipped with surveillance camera and overhead canopy.
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