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Meet Verified

A secure, fully integrated platform to safely distribute age-restricted products.

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Biometric validation to ensure safe, secure access

Our secure retail kiosks are equipped with contactless age verification technology, peripheral devices and cashless payment systems to improve operational efficiencies for restricted product distributors while providing valuable insights into consumer behaviours.

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We provide distribution hardware to support a wide range of restricted product retailers

Provide legal-aged consumers with a frictionless, self-service shopping solution using Verified Convenience.

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Increase efficiency and service

Our platform improves the efficiency of your venue operations. Low-footprint points of sale with minimal staffing resources.

Transaction times take under a minute, which minimize lineups, congestion and wait times.

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Reporting and analytics

Collect valuable, non-personally identifiable demographic information and view it in our secure, online dashboard to better understand your customers and their behaviour.

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Next generation experience

Our user interfaces are custom-designed to your needs, and are incredibly user friendly, ensuring that your customers keep coming back again and again. We build products that people love to use.

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Wide range of solutions


Services up to 48 unique users or SKUs with up to three weeks of inventory between reloading. Functions as a vending style kiosk.
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Pick Up Locker XL

Ideal for larger products or orders.  Standard configuration of 30 lockers per unit.  Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
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Designed to deliver 16oz to 25oz canned beer or Ready to Drink beverages for stadiums or large venues.
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